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All reviews featured on Petite Promise are written in my own words and all opinions are my own. Unless stated otherwise, all images that appear on Petite Promise are taken by me. When not a clear ‘Image Source’ link will be provided. If you would like to use one of my images please contact me by email.

I will always be 100% honest in my reviews. The majority of the products featured on this blog are purchased with my own money. In the case that I receive a PR sample, goody bag or sponsored post a clear asterisk (*) will be featured in the title and next to any items gifted.

As I said all opinions are my own. I am reviewing how a product works for my skin and my skin only. I am an eczema sufferer with sensitive skin and although mild, many of my reviews reflect this. Different results may be produced from others but I can only review from my own experience.

If you have any questions which aren’t covered here, please feel free to email me at webmaster@petitepromise.co.uk.