Life | The Make My Magnum Experience at Selfridges

Sitting in the corner of the greatest store of the world is a little bit of luxury. Creamy, indulgent, chocolatey luxury that is. Pleasure at it's ultimate. The Make My Magnum experience in London's Selfridges is a stop not to be missed this summer. It's everyone's dream to create their [...]

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Food | Nutella Breakfast Toast

Nothing like a bit of decadence to start off your day, and this is super decadent. Rich, oozy Nutella sandwiched between two slices of buttery, vanilla French toast, topped with sliced strawberries and a scattering of desiccated coconut. Heaven! Fill a shallow bowl with two eggs, about 50ml of almond [...]

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Event | Nuffnang’s 1st Birthday Party

Perfect Pimms, vegan tacos and a room full of multi-talented bloggers. What more could you ask for from a first birthday party? Last weekend we bloggers flocked to a hip rooftop bar, Netil 360, in East London to celebrate Nuffnang UK's birthday bonanza. It was a stunning sunny day of [...]

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Sunday Ramblings | The Breakfast Of Champions

Nothing beats a health kick. Due to my recent delve into a wheat-free/dairy-free diet (kill me now), I've been experimenting with an assortment of wonderful new flavours, recipes and ingredients that usually I would have deemed too complex. My everyday breakfast of the moment? This champion of champions. Almond milk [...]

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Chimichanga (West London) Restaurant Review ♥

I ADORE Mexican food. Seriously. It is my go to cuisine. Whether that's making fajitas for my family (I make a mean Guac) or getting a takeaway burrito, it certainly tickles my fancy. That is why when a Mexican restaurant opened right near my home town I was extremely excited! [...]

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