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Review | SOC Fashion

The modern age has brought many advancements to society. One of these advancements is online shopping. Originally ideal for shut-in’s and individuals who couldn’t leave the house, the trend has certainly caught on.

Online shopping is now largely used to grab unique items from top designers at a discount price. Because of this, online shopping boutiques are popping up all over the place. That makes it a little hard to narrow down your selection. Shopping online can be a difficult experience for many other different reasons as well. Some websites are hard to use or aren’t mobile-friendly yet. Some lack adequate customer support or fail to post an F.A.Q. on the website. There are several difficulties that online shoppers have made note of. The top 3 difficulties are:

  1. Sizing; Many online boutiques fail to offer a sizing guide on product pages. This can lead to confusion and frustration for international buyers. From the UK to the United States and even in Canada, the sizing is completely different. If a website lacks the sizing guide, it can give shoppers a bad experience.
  2. Availability; All the best items through online boutiques are “out of stock”. It seems they never restock or they only restock certain sizes. A reliable online clothing boutique is going to consistently order and update the new stock to make their customers happy.
  3. Shipping; Finally, shipping is another big issue. This is because international orders can become costly. Especially if the customer has to return the item or pay additional customs. An online boutique that provides an easy-to-understand shipping method is going to be more favourable to the general public.

Fashion-forward individuals don’t want to play a guessing game when it comes to ordering the latest look. After check-out, it should be as simple as waiting for the order to arrive in the mail. This should be an exciting moment as the customer unwraps the highly anticipated item. Imagine this is you. You are unwrapping this beautiful item you ordered from an online boutique. You’re wearing it to a big event later in the month. You cut it pretty close with the shipping, but you’re happy the item arrived in time. You rush to change into your new item and see how dazzling it looks. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit. Either the size is wrong or it doesn’t look as good on you as it did on the model online. The disappointment when this happens can be overwhelming. Are you going to shop from that online boutique again? No. You’re going to avoid it and tell all your friends to do the same.

Many online boutiques are striving to prevent this type of experience from falling on their customers. One of the best places to shop online has become (Former Spotted on Celeb). This website offers premium fashions from a variety of names like Wildfox, Loveshackfancy, For Love and Lemons, Keepsake the Label, Alice McCall, Petersyn and Elliatt. Of course, that’s only naming a few of the dozens of designers that are available on the website.

SOC Fashion dresses are widely known for their quality and elegance. These dresses can often be seen on celebrities as well as the most fashionistas. While many of the SOC dresses can be pricey, they are infinitely worth the quality and design.

This online boutique offers everything an online shopper could ask for. They provide an in-depth sizing chart that compares the most common countries. They also list a variety of sizes that most other online boutiques do not. Granted, as there are multiple designers, sizing may vary. As long as you have a general idea of what size you’re looking for, you should be able to get what you’re looking for. Those who haven’t shopped or are hesitant to purchase can look at the company’s Instagram to get a better feel for the products. Along with multiple angles shared on clothing product pages, the company posts tagged shots that other people have taken. This gives everyone the chance to see how certain items actually look on different body types.

Another benefit of the SOC Fashion shopping experience is that shipping is well-defined. You can see exactly how much you’re going to pay and how long your item is going to take to arrive. No matter where you’re located! If you have an account with the boutique, you can even check your order status. This is a definitely plus if you’re looking to get the item by a certain date. Any locals to the UK are also eligible for free returns, should the product not be what you’re looking for after all. You can find all this information through the F.A.Q. posted on the website.

By far, one of the best parts of the SOC Fashion shopping experience is that “out of stock” items can be reordered! If you want a product that isn’t in stock, you simply send an email to the company and let them know. Of course, this doesn’t apply to sale items or items that are discontinued. But any typically stocked product can be reordered for you. This saves you from checking back to see if the item is in stock or just being disappointed that it wasn’t.

Many online shoppers have raved about Spotted on Celeb, suggesting they didn’t know how they shopped before discovering this website. Of course, the boutique only launched in 2013 as the result of a dream shared by two friends. If you haven’t heard of them yet, that might be why! Those who have shopped the online catalogue are thrilled with the result.

If you’re getting ready to head over and take a look for yourself, you’ll want to hook up with SOC Fashion discounts. You can find relevant sales and coupons on any of the following websites:

You’ll see great sales on everything from bikini’s to dresses to shipping discounts! Many of these websites also offer the option to sign-up for updates and receive future coupons directly to your inbox! You can also sign-up to the Spotted on Celeb mailing list to get the latest styles, trends, and news.

Whether you’re an avid online shopper or someone simply looking to grab a discount, you’ll want to browse the selection at SOC Fashion.

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