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Review | Jica Lash Extension and Nail Magic

There are two secrets to natural beauty, two things that beauty addicts love to accentuate. Number one, long and luscious lashes. Number two, a solid pair of beautifully painted nails. It’s always fun to find new, inventive products that could be revolutionary. Recently, I was sent two to test out that I’d never heard of. Let’s see how I got on, shall we?

The Jica Lash Extensions* confused me at first. Never having used a product like it before, taking the wand out of the package I was surprised to find a tiny wand coated in loose fibres instead of the usual wet formula. At first application, I was foolishly bold enough not to read the instructions and puzzled when there were a hundred little hairs coating my cheek. Luckily, my mistake struck me and I’m thankful that it did. The end result was the longest lashes to ever grace my eyes. A completely natural look, yet thick and fluttery enough to dazzle. Not a clump in sight. You use a normal mascara to apply a coat and while still wet brush over the fibres, finishing off with a final coat of mascara. The tiny hairs cling, extending the lashes to their full potential. Eyelashes to float anyone’s boat.

The Nail Magic* leaves a gorgeous shine to the nails. A nail hardener, that when you shake the bottle releases a formula to the surface that you can simply brush over the nails. It couldn’t be easier as the product dries quickly. My nails felt instantly stronger after first application. Although I haven’t used it for long enough to see the true results, I do bite my nails and there has been a noticeable different in jagged edges and chips. The bottle is small, elegant with the solution being a pretty, opaque light pink.
The lash fibre extensions is, for sure, to become a staple in my make up routine. The nail hardener is something for those with weak, easily split nails to look out for but will need to be played with more on my side.

Have you ever used products like these? Would you try them out?

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