Event | The Hill Valley Store Opening for Secret Cinema

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Event | The Hill Valley Store Opening for Secret Cinema

Juxtaposed in hip and grungy East London, sits a little time machine. A royally retro affair. Two quaint store fronts full of treats and delights. It’s hard to encapsulate the effect that Secret Cinema has in the soul. It transcends you into a mystical bubble that you wish would never burst. You’re back in the 1950s. Everything feels so real. Everything feels so right. If you’ve seen my previous vintage inspired posts you’ll know how much this pleases me. Last Thursday I was invited to the grand opening of Secret Cinema Presents Back To The Future’s two pop-up stores. I already had my ticket for the main event and couldn’t wait to get a glimpse of this pre show luxury.

The Hill Valley stores are there for all your fabulous fifties needs. Before the main event, you can pick up your dress from the frock shop and get your hair and perfect pin up make up done at the Elite Salon. The shop is getting new stock all the time and no two pieces are the same as they are authentic vintage. If you don’t see anything you like one day, you can head back the next week and see the dress of your dreams… and your new beau will need a bow tie for the Enchantment Under The Sea dance of course.

With Secret Cinema, you make your own story and the possibilities are endless. Stop by and get a Marvin Berry at Lou’s Cafe, or maybe a chocolate milkshake with a cherry on top. But beware if you meet Lou, he has one hell of a fiery temper. I had a thing with McFly, the shy guy. But don’t tell Biff. I sent them both a postcard with a kiss. Watch out for Goldie Wilson outside sweeping the pavement with his high flying American accent. Did you know he’s going to be Mayor someday? With Secret Cinema you get what you put in, so get creative!

The two pop-up’s are open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11am to 11pm until the 30th of August, so be quick! Tickets are still available for the main event from the 14th – 31st of August. It’s a once in a lifetime experience. See you there!

Beware, at the event I was snap happy and took a lot of pictures! Read more for gorgeous dresses, victory rolls and an abundance of enthusiastic character acting.

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