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Review | Jica Lash Extension and Nail Magic

There are two secrets to natural beauty, two things that beauty addicts love to accentuate. Number one, long and luscious lashes. Number two, a solid pair of beautifully painted nails. It's always fun to find new, inventive products that could be revolutionary. Recently, I was sent two to test out [...]

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Life | The Make My Magnum Experience at Selfridges

Sitting in the corner of the greatest store of the world is a little bit of luxury. Creamy, indulgent, chocolatey luxury that is. Pleasure at it's ultimate. The Make My Magnum experience in London's Selfridges is a stop not to be missed this summer. It's everyone's dream to create their [...]

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Event | The Hill Valley Store Opening for Secret Cinema

Juxtaposed in hip and grungy East London, sits a little time machine. A royally retro affair. Two quaint store fronts full of treats and delights. It's hard to encapsulate the effect that Secret Cinema has in the soul. It transcends you into a mystical bubble that you wish would never [...]

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Event | Tai Chi & Three Free Fitness Tips

Confession time. You ready? I rarely exercise. There, I said it. I'm not proud of it and don't get me wrong, I've tried. It's just not a natural gift. Gym memberships are overpriced, along with the gear and gadgets you supposedly need. When Joe Blogs contacted me with the chance [...]

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Life | June Favourites

If you're a long time reader, you may remember that last year the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask was featured on the blog. My skin has been pretty kind to me this year, apart from this last month where it has been terrible. Super dry and blotchy. What better for [...]

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