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Lifestyle | Moroccan Adventures: Marrakesh

Life has been kind to me. This year the opportunity arose to visit Morocco, twice! Marrakesh is where the magpies flock. At the turn of a corner a glint, or a hundred glints, of silver will catch your eye. A wall of fabulous trinkets will await you, then you’ll be struck with the smell of fresh leather. The Souks stock everything from carved camels to gigantic tagines. I picked up this cute, hand crafted backpack for a steal. Totally on trend. If you look up, you’ll be welcomed with the most gorgeous ceiling art in the world. These pretty patterns are everywhere, from a door of pastel pink and mint green to a giant fountain of multicoloured mosaic. Not to mention cats. An abundance of cuteness.

There are more pictures from my trip to Ouarzazate but this silly billy forgot to change the setting on her camera. The resolutions are all too small for the blog! Should I post them up anyway?
Where have you been on your travels recently? Did you pick up any hand crafted goods?

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