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As a blogger it’s good for my conscience to admit that I’m a little nosy. We all are in a way right? That’s what blogging is. There’s nothing I like better than a haul post. Nosing at what someones bought, loves and hates. When it comes to home decorating they’re a fantastic way of “borrowing” ideas. Recently my rooms had a revamp. Black and white pictures. White sheets. The carpet’s been ripped out and is in the process of being replaced with wood flooring. As my room is looking extremely monochrome, a touch of colour was needed to give it a little extra pizzazz. Off to Zara Home I went!

This Primavera Rug automatically brightened up my entire room. Outrageously patterned with a hippie chic vibe, it went perfectly with the simplicity of the monochrome. Blue, pink and purple is my favourite colour combination. They bounce off each other. Delving deeper into pinks, fuchsia is always a winner. You’ll see a theme developing with the next two items, the Knitted Double Moss Stitch Blanket and Fuchsia Velvet Cushion Cover. They’re both gorgeous shades. Blankets always look lovely draped across the bottom of a bed and come in handy on those cold winter nights cuddled up on the sofa. This particular one is super soft and cosy. The fuchsia cushion has a lustrous texture, matching the vibrancy of the blanket perfectly. It looks lovely piled up with the four deep purple cushions my friend previously gifted me. Speaking of friends, one bought this Blue Design Knob, later finding out that she couldn’t use it. It got passed onto me and I couldn’t be happier. The china blue matches the tones in my carpet. They’ll be drilled into my closet, which currently I have to ply open with my fingers. Things are coming together in my little boudoir. The juxtaposition of these bright bold colours with the black and white portraits of old Hollywood stars on my walls suit each other in the most surreal and beautiful way. I look forward to showing you the room finished and fully furnished in the future.

What do you think of Zara Home? Have you ever splurged on their home wear?

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