Sweet Success at the #NBNworkshop

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Sweet Success at the #NBNworkshop

Chocolate covered fingers, sign of a sinner. This was me at the Next Blogger Network event last Monday, gorging on the delicious chocolate covered strawberries and brownies they had to offer. There were also croissants, pastries, quinoa and more but hey, this event was about so much more than the food. Read on for more about this fabulous event.

Chocolate covered fingers, sign of a sinner. This was me at the Next Blogger Network event last M Held in the very fashionable Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch, Next had organised a workshop consisting of three talks for three individual blogger packed groups. Brand and Advertising, Photography & Film, SEO & Web Design each being key skills to make any blogger an all round triumph. We were promptly assigned to our groups and as I skedaddled off to my first talk, Group 2, I met the lovely Louise, Ash, Emma, Lauren, Meg and Rosie. It was a blogging bonanza! Snapchat Bingo was also on the cards throughout the day with three lucky ladies winning £100 gift vouchers. If my competitive side reared it’s head it was only for a second, there was blog talk to be done. The first event for me was Branding, held by the super giggly Abi Marvel and super chic Emily Johnston. It was fascinating to hear how long they’d been blogging and how they’d achieved so much success. The key insights I gained were to be nice to everyone (you never know who’ll be your next blogging BFF), think BIG and that social media is your best friend. Also Google! Google everything to keep learning, especially regarding business.

Unfortunately, my time at the event was cut short. An audition awaited me at three meaning I could only stay for one and a half talks. My sincerest apologies Lily Pebbles, Vivianna Does Makeup and Kit Lee for sheepishly sneaking out of yours. I hope you don’t think me rude, it was gutting as photography is one of my keenest interests. Alas a gal’s gotta do her thang. Before my departure, the tips I picked up were the importance of white balance, how everybody loves Instagram and that composition can make or break a photo. Even though I left prematurely, the #nbnworkshop tag on Twitter kept me up to date (and very envious) on all the super cool things that were going on later that day, including cocktails and cookies (darn it). Next also had on show a part of their autumn/winter collection which I must say looks gorgeous. Think tartan, red lace and a beautiful aubergine sweater. Thanks to Next my evening was spent relaxing with a Jasmine & Tigerlily candle, in a pair of super soft owl sock slippers, reminiscing about the fabulous people I had met, the helpful things learnt and the fantastic event that had left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Thank you to Gemma and everyone at the Next Blogger Network for inviting me to such a triumphant event.

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