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Review | Babyliss Curl Secret

I’m going to jump in and say firstly that I’m impressed. The pictures speak for themselves. Before purchasing I watched countless YouTube videos trying to decipher the workings of this mesmerizing tool and figure out if it was worth it. At first sight it was a little bulky, alien looking and honestly, slightly frightening. I imagined the horror of getting my hair stuck and having to massacre it out with a pair of blunt kitchen scissors. Luckily this wasn’t the case in any of the situations I’ve heard. Yes hair gets caught occasionally if you place it inaccurately, use too much hair or don’t brush out tangles but it’s not a disaster. The tool releases automatically and you can gently ply your hair out. After a while you get used to the awkwardness and it’s easy sailing. The ringlets release perfectly every time. The sides are completely symmetrical, something I’ve struggled with. There’s no chance of burning your fingers, it curls right to the ends of the hair. You can change the type of curl that is created by changing the heat level and time settings. People have commented about it being fiddly near the back but this, to me, is no different to using a tong. With other devices the curls go limp and lifeless, lacking body and falling within the hour but this lasted all night. I awoke the next day to a head full of still gorgeously curled locks. The biggest hair of my life! I’m so chuffed with this device and can’t wait for the beautiful hair raising memories that await us in the future.

Have you tried the Curl Secret? What do you think?

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