Review: Garnier Anti-Dark Circles Roll-On

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Review: Garnier Anti-Dark Circles Roll-On

Garnier is a brand that has been hit with a bit of blogger snobbery. They rarely appear in reviews or wish lists. Highly unfair as this little gem is a staple in my makeup bag (and my mother’s for that matter). Although not promoted as a concealer we both use it to cover our, clearly genetic, under eye circles and redness. It is a beauty to apply. It glides on. You can feel the cooling metal applicator soothing away all the puffiness that comes with early mornings. The consistency of the concealer is light weight, more in keeping with the texture of an under eye brightener. For me, it covers and lifts the area without looking like I’ve slathered my skin with paste (which usually results in the dreaded backwards panda effect). It promotes itself as using natural ingredients where possible, it isn’t 100% natural but is free from fragrance and dermatologically tested. Great for those with mild sensitivity. The UV filter also stops the sun from irritating the thin, delicate eye area. Most importantly, it doesn’t settle into the tiny creases that regularly form under my eye. A pet peeve of mine.

Highly recommend this beauty. For picture reference it was used in my Smashbox nude liner review. If you feel it’s not enough coverage it makes a gorgeous under eye brightener alone. If you wake up feeling like you’ve been round the ring a few times, this baby will soothe away all your troubles.

Have you tried Garnier’s products? What products did you love/hate?

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