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Recycling Candles ♥

I’m out of action. As a beauty blogger you rely on your ability to be able to test products and give an honest review. Eczema doesn’t allow such luxury. Yes, I’ve had a flare up. They pop-up every once in a while and nothing can be done to control it. You just have to wait it out. I have so many lovely reviews I’ve had planned too. A box of beauty products is currently awaiting me in my bedroom, taunting me. Along with this, my laptop screen has caved in, I have no internet as of moving house and I’m currently stealing the Wi-Fi from an internet cafe on my crappy, slow as a snail notebook. The gods are against me.

However I’m trying to not go totally AWOL from my blog. I’ve been having a clear out (basically just “chuck everything in the bin” out) and I came across a bunch of old candles. They had either lost their wick in the depths of the wax or had melted down so much that the wax was coming out of big, gaping wax holes. Messy. Here’s a little tutorial of what I do to recover them. It’s super easy and makes them like new and fresh as a daisy.

All you need is your candles, a pot and some candle wicks bought from eBay (I also used wax glue to stick the wicks down but it’s not essential). Chuck ’em in a pan. The candles I mean. Literally that’s the basis of it. Make it a pot you don’t really care about as there may be wax residue left over (and no one wants that in their spag bol). Heat it up and just let it melt. While it’s melting use your wax glue to stick your wick to whatever holder you’re using, or you can just use the wax as its cooling to stick the wick down. I chose a Japanese bowl with a beautiful blue colour that had never seen the light of day. Use a ladle to carefully transport the wax from pot to holder and hold up the wick with two utensils as seen in the picture. I used a very old wooden spoon and a knife. This will keep it straight. Leave your candle for a few hours or overnight and voila – you have a great gift for someone or a beautiful candle to add that finishing touch to your bedroom. With my leftover wax I used the lid of my old Yankee candle to make a tea light. You can also add some essentials oils to the wax as it melts to make it a sweetly scented. Delish!

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