Perfect Prague ♥

//Perfect Prague ♥

Perfect Prague ♥

Everyone loves a pretty picture post right? I am currently in Prague (well at the time of writing this) sitting in my Winnebago waiting to go on set. There hasn’t been much time for make up tutorials or reviews while here so I apologise, however, I did get some time off from work to explore this beautiful city and take some fabulous photographs. I’m so thankful that my new camera (Canon Powershot S110) arrived in the post just moments before I flew out. It makes me so happy. I think I’m in love. 🙂

Prague is now one of my favourite cities in the world and if you ever get the chance to go, GO. Everything is so photogenic. If it were human it would be a top model. You can look to the sky and see architecture so perfect it feels like you’ve just stepped into the Renaissance era. Cobbled streets, bright buildings and the people aren’t half bad either. I even went for a beer with one of the locals who stated triumphantly that it was the best in the world. I just wish I had more time to have a wander because I know I didn’t even come close to cutting a slice from this beautiful city (is that even an expression?) Maybe we can organise a little blogger trip to Prague hm? Anyone?

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