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Lypsso Make Up Party ♥

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of being invited to the Lypsso Make Up Party. Lypsso is a newly launched website that specialises in all things organic and natural so I was delighted to be able to test out some new, pure products that suit my sensitive skin. We were told to come naked … well not naked, I mean make up free but I might as well have been! We were in store for a makeover treat.

The day started off with a little blogger meet up at Goswell Street Coffee, organised by the lovely Jesse @ Nuffnang UK and Hecticophilia . She treated us to the divine lattes and smoothies the cafe had on offer and then proceeded to grill us on our inspirations, favourite beauty products and how we all started blogging. It was a wonderfully girly chat and it felt so nice to be surrounded by people with the same passion as me. I Instagrammed and tweeted without a care in the world, something I can often be coy about around non bloggers. I was even introduced to new brands and advised on some tips and tricks that were in desperate need (like how to sort out dried mascara – guiltily my Benefit Bad Gal Lash had seen better days). Below you can see our beautiful group – Olivia, Patricia, Sarah, Emma, Emma and Emily (Blogs linked – check them out they’re superb!)

Once we were all acquainted it was time to partay! From the outside you could see the venue was buzzing within, the delicate scents of rose and lavender floating out onto the street. We registered for either a makeover and cleansing or a full on facial. Feeling in need of a little colour on our skin the majority of us picked the former and we were booked in. Bucks Fizz was on free flow (at least I think that’s what it was) and then Olivia , Patricia and I sat down to take part in a beauty quiz where we met the lovely. We put our beauty minds together to answer some, surprisingly difficult, questions such as which celebrity uses coffee on their brown locks and what is the best cure for stretch marks. How would you have got on?

Mid quiz I was whisked away to have my special cleansing. The treatment was done by a fabulous woman named Claudia Fallah who’s products are of the same name. It felt amazing, seriously. Her husband kept commenting on how relaxed I looked. Every new products she delicately placed on my petite face smelt like heaven. I could barely believe it was free from any trace of fragrance. A few of the products used were her Luxurious Cleansing Milk and Cover Rescue Creme. The treatment finished and my face felt baby bum smooth. After the cleansing I shimmied myself over to the makeover section where I was made over by a lovely woman from Green People. The makeup look she gave me was very natural, with a gold shimmer over the eyelid and flawless skin. I was very impressed by the foundation and powder combination. Previously i had only tried bathing products from this brand so this came as a pleasant surprise. You can see the finished look below, photo courtesy of the professional photographer at the event Matthias Dittrich. There were many other brands that looked intriguing which I didn’t get the change to test out including Benecos, Lavera, Lass Naturals, Facefacts and Arbonne. Along with these we were taught how to make a wonderful natural lip butter from beeswax, coconut and cinnamon by Rebecca (Biteable Beauty). She has some very handy DIYs on her blog so check her out.

I had such a wonderful time at the event and will be testing out the samples from the goody bag I was gifted. Meeting other bloggers really made me feel part of a community. I learnt so much from them and it really inspired me to do more blogging. Recently I went on a serious beauty buy so be prepared for lots of product reviews in the future!

Ta ta gorgies!

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