My First Time Tag ♥

//My First Time Tag ♥

My First Time Tag ♥

I love tags. Tagged blog posts, tagged YouTube videos, playing tag. I saw this particular one on Spider Legs Lashes blog. Not wanting to wait a bazillion years for someone to tag me I took it upon myself to fill it out.

The Rules
1. You must share the following firsts and give the story or the context behind them.
2. You must Tag 10 other bloggers to do to the tag.
3. No tag backs

First Best Friend :
Either Rosanna, Danielle or Lorna. We were a group/Our mothers were all friends so naturally we grew close. We would play Polly Pockets and dance to the Spice Girls (which is still, guiltily, a hobby of mine…)

First Kiss :
Oh boy. It started young. I vaguely remember “kissing Bob on the Year 6 steps”. I quote this because it was major gossip at the time. This was in primary school. I was 6.

First Concert :
Destiny’s Child baby! I was 10 and it was amazing. The finale included yellow balloons with smiley faces falling from the ceiling.

First Celebrity Crush :
Jude Law. I think I even bought a pencil case with his face on it and I cried because he was the love of my life. Again I was 10. Super cringe.

First Word :
My mother proclaims it was the name of our cleaner, Barbara… I’m not sure if this is entirely truthful.

First Pet :
A little kitty named Softy. She was a cutie.

First Job :
When I was 3 I started acting. I’m pretty sure my first job was a commercial. At my first audition I was tired and cranky. The first thing I did was point at the director and shout “ugly man”. Didn’t get that job.

First Phone :
A Nokia 3310. Everyone had one. And then that changed to the 3330 which had colour. The good ol’ days.

First Tweet :
I’ve had 3 twitter accounts. My first account is protected and I forgot the password. I expect it was either something about tea, sleeping or puppies.

First Make-Up :
A Maybelline mascara. The little pink and green one. My mother recommended it to me and It was my first love affair with make up. I still buy it from time to time.

If you want to do this tag go ahead! Just say I tagged you ♥

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