Lady Gaga Sighting ♥

//Lady Gaga Sighting ♥

Lady Gaga Sighting ♥

You never know what you’re going to find on a day out in London. The mysteries of this beautiful city can surprise you. This time my boyfriend and I spotted a large commotion of people crowding outside The Langham Hotel near Regents Park. On further inspection we, or I, was excited to find out Lady Gaga was staying at this hotel and was due any moment. As any blogger would do I whipped out my camera and waited to capture the moment. I’m not even that big of a Gaga head. The girl next to me was screaming and crying at the thought of meeting her idol. She had been waiting for 3 hours. Luckily I only had to wait 40 minutes, much to the grumble and groans from my boyfriend who kept referring to her as “Mr Gaga”.

We knew she was approaching the doors upon hearing the shots from the paparazzi. “Get ready boys!” one screamed. And then there she was. Upon the dazzling lights of the paparazzi flashes. She stopped to talk to a boy, spinning him round in a diva like fashion, much to the “Oohs” of the spectators. Her hair was matted and bouffant and she was dressed as sly cat, all in black. Apparently the day before she had even donned a black mesh mask. Thankfully today wasn’t that day and she was accompanied only with a pair of aviator Ray Bans. As you can see from the pictures I got quite close. She was tall. Of course I’m tiny but she had on massive black platform heels. I was shoved by a boy behind me who barged his camera in front of her face to take a picture, promptly followed by her 6 foot something bodyguard calmly removing the boys arm from her shoulder. It was utter madness. And then she was gone, like a witch in a puff of black smoke, and we were off to enjoy our Wagamamas… or should I say Gagamamas?

Are you a Gagahead? Would you have stopped to take a piccy?

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