Curly Swirly Hair Routine ♥

//Curly Swirly Hair Routine ♥

Curly Swirly Hair Routine ♥

I’m obsessed with curling my hair. It may be time consuming with my birds nest but the temptation to whip my curls back and forth in Willow Smith like fashion is just too tempting… even if I poke a few eyes out in the process.

Frizz-Ease Heat Defense ♥ Shockwaves Volume Hairspray ♥ Frizz-Ease Hair Serum ♥ Batiste in Medium Brunette ♥ Jose Eber Hair Tong ♥ Superdrug Hair brush ♥ Clips

Make sure your hair is completely dry. While it’s wet, run a little serum through the tips and lightly on any fly aways. Follow by blow drying with a brush making it smooth and silky. I make sure the heat doesn’t get too close to my locks. If you stop here this is a great way to get frizz free straight hair. If I’m on my second hair day I’ll run some Batiste through to give some extra texture and lift, roughing it up at the roots.

Curls ahoy! Heat up your tongs. I found mine I was on a shoot and a hair stylist recommended it to me. Beware they get really hot. Bad in the long run but good for getting lovely ringlets. This is why the heat defense it so important. Get spraying! It protects your hair, stops from split ends and will stop your hair from frying off. Check out this viral video for reference. No one wants that.

I separate my hair into three layers using clips. Taking one inch sections I brush them through and wrap them around the tong. Be careful not to burn your little fingers! Use a protective glove if needed. I only keep the heat on my hair for 8 seconds tops. Anything more than that and you’ll be frying. Trust me you’ll smell it.

When you’ve done all three layers and they’ve cooled down, take you fingers and comb through your hair. Whip your hair down and back up again to make it looks as natural as possible. Spray with hairspray, run a bit of serum through and voila! You have beautiful curls.

Is your curling routine similar? I’d love to hear any tips you have in the comments!

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