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Haul | Holland & Barrett Organic

My sensitive skin is a battle I have to constantly fight. How I long for the day where I can buy the cheapest shampoos that also smell the nicest but alas that day may never come. However, the benefit is that it means I have an excuse to spend my money on great quality natural products. Holland and Barrett is a shop I frequent regularly. Here’s what I picked up on my latest trip.

After my recent trip to get The Haircut ♥ my hairdresser let me in on the secrets of Argan Oil on your locks. Apparently it keeps the ends split free and luscious You can also buy the pure Argan Oil and rub it on the ends but I went for the shower combo. Dr Organic does great natural products for a budget price. I may do a review on these after testing it out for a while to see how my mane gets along.

Dr Organic Pure Vitamin E Oil Complex (£8.49)

Another one of nature’s secrets I’ve been hearing about recently is the benefits of Vitamin E oil on dry skin. Apparently it replenishes and hydrates, something I usually go to my 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for (which I highly recommend anyone getting!) This also contains some super nourishing oils.

Dead Sea Magik Salt Scrub (£13.85)

I was wary of buying this product because of the price. I’ve never tried a salt scrub before but I heard that dead sea salt does wonders for bad skin. However the little bit I tried did seem to irritate me slightly. It’s quite rough. I will prevail and let you know how I get on.

Dr Organic Manuka Honey Soap & Lip Balm (£2.69 & £3.25)

Any time a product promotes that it contains honey I find myself mystically drawn to it. Not only does it smell amazing but honey also has numerous health benefits. The package is a little bulkier than others but goes on the lips smoothly.

Aloe Vera Gel (£1.99 at 50% off)

As I’m about to go to Spain I’m aware that a sunburn may be in my future. It’s inevitable. However to calm it I also put Aloe Vera gel in the fridge to keep it cool then when my burn get hot I smother it on my skin. It really eradicates the anger in the burn. These were also on a deal so I couldn’t help but get two!

Do you have sensitive skin? Have you tried any of these products before?

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