Wishlist #1 ♥

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Wishlist #1 ♥

1. Deep Steep Sugar Scrub (£9.95). Gemma Means Jewel posted a review of this Sugar Scrub on her blog recently and I have to say I am intrigued. As you know, I suffer from eczema so anything that is completely natural is a go to for me. With all the natural oils I can imagine this smells amazing.

2. MAC Eye Shadow in Nylon (£12). Ever since watching Tanya Burr use this frosted white in her tutorials I’ve wanted to give it a try. It’s the perfect white to brighten up the corners of the eyes and I love anything that promotes making my eyes shine.

3. Miss Selfridge Petite Bodice Dress (£35). This dress is so gorgeous. The deep, vintage pink is a lovely shade and the shape with lacing looks divine. It’s also exclusively for petites so no worries about length and fitting!

4. Canon 60d. This is a bit of an expensive one. For as long as I can remember I’ve been into photography. I used to take pictures of my friend dressed up in all sorts of lavish outfits, but I’ve never fully splurged on a great camera. Now seeing all these bloggers with their crystal clear pictures I really am thinking about it (Will need to save a little first as this retails for roughly £600… gulp).

5. Double Chocolate Chip Cookie (Priceless). Now this one… well.. I’m just really hungry right now.

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