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The Haircut ♥

I’m notoriously bad at getting haircuts. Seriously. I used to look like a caveman because I refused to go for a haircut or get layers. Nowadays I replenish my low maintenance locks roughly every 6 months when it becomes unmanageable. They say you should go every six week but hey… “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

The time has finally approached. I’ve booked an appointment and I’m forcing myself out. Luckily I have a hairdresser who I trust. I thought it would be a nice idea, and interesting for me, to see a before and after.

I was quite shocked when I saw from the back how long it was. I’m only 5″! That’s like half my body…

I’m really happy with the results and weirdly enough whenever I get my haircut my life suddenly feels very organised. Plus she gave me a little tip to use Argan Oil on the ends to keep them split free. 😉

How often do you get a haircut? Do you have tonsurephobia (fear of getting a haircut)?

EXTRA ♥ I took a stroll through the park on my way back and took some pictures. It’s so beautiful. Definitely going to go back to take some outfit posts.

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