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Purple Princess ♥

A purple eye is my go to look for a night out. It’s vibrant, colourful and give my green eyes a real POP. Usually I don’t have a specific way of creating this, it’s more of an apply whatever I want and see what comes of it sort of thing, so this isn’t so much a tutorial as an experiment. 🙂 Although of course you can follow my steps to recreate this bold look. Enjoy!

Start with a bare primed eye. I used Nivea Primer Cream and then neutralised my eyelid with MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre.

I wanted to test out how well the Rimmel Eye Shadow Stick in Paranoid Purple worked as a base from my previous Rimmel Haul ♥. Well paranoid is the right word! It was very hard to control, blended patchily and took a lot of work to build up the colour. In the end I went over it with MAC Eye Shadow in Purple Haze, which is a beautiful light lilac colour, in attempt to smooth it over.

I worked MAC Eye Shadow in Shadowy Lady into the outer corner to add depth but found my self still unsatisfied with my base layer. This prompted me to press a touch of MAC Eye Shadow in Fig 1 into the center of the lid. This has warmer tones and is much more pigmented than Purple Haze so it gave the base another element which is I think is much prettier and pleasing to the eye.

My favourite thing when doing a smokey look is to put a light shimmer in the inner corner. Here I used Shade 1 in the MUA Heaven & Earth Palette. It really brightens everything and looks great when photographed. I blended it in with the top and bottom purple half way. At this point I also ran some of MAC Eye Shadow in Wedge to help blend the purple and look less hard againest my skintone.

I then very thinly lined above my lashes and my upper waterline with Maybelline Studio Gel Liner in Black. I didn’t wing it out as I thought it would take away from the colour. With a thin brush I ran Shadowly Lady over it to smudge, blend it in and smoke it out just a tad. In the inner waterline you can use a black kohl pencil if it suits you better but I prefer Rimmel Scandal Eyeliner in Nude as I wanted to open up my eyes as much as possible.

Apply a coat of your favourite Mascara and you’re done!

And here is the final look! It’s very bold and stunning even if you don’t have green eyes, so give it a try and tell me what you think.

Do you ever experiment with colour? What colours suit you best?


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