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OOTD #1 ♥

I have to say I’m a little shy… but I love OOTDs! So I’m overcoming the fear of having my face on the web and putting up my first. I’m very petite and struggle to find clothes that fit me perfectly so I much prefer the slouchy look. Either that or getting my clothes from thrift stores and altering them. This skirt was far too wide for me but I love tartan and pleats so I just moved the buttons across. The necklace is one of my favourites as I ADORE quirky animal designs. It’s an origami swan and was bought for me by a friend. The shoes are wedged at the back but look casual. Perfect for my tininess. 🙂

I’ve been busy lately gathering summer clothing as I’m going to be back and forth from Spain next month. I forgot how expensive Summer is! All I want to do is buy pretty dresses and skirts but at an average of £20 a pop it’s killing me. I’m currently searching around my local thrift stores for a pair of staple black shorts. Every high street store seems to only sell hot pants or high waist mum shorts. My pet peeve! At least on me they’re very unflattering.

While I’m in Spain posts may get a bit slow but I’ll try to post as much as possible. Expect lots of pretty & sunny Spanish scenery!

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