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Green People Self Tan Review ♥

It’s that time again… Tanning Season! Only problem is I have sensitive skin and eczema making a natural gorgeous glow near impossible (at least without looking like a lobster first… seriously… sometimes my face even looks like an allergic reaction!)

This year I’d had enough! I’m fed up of being plain vanilla ice cream next to everyone flavoured mocha and chocolate. Through my search of the inter-webs I found an organic self tan that promoted being suitable for eczema. Green People’s Organic Self Tan. Hallelujah! I’m already a fan of this range and use their shampoo and shower gel regularly, so was very excited to hear that they could give me that golden glow I’d been searching for.

Quick review:

  • Smell: 6.5/10
  • Texture: 9/10
  • Value: 7/10
  • Result: 8.5/10
  • Ease: 10/10
  • Overall: 8/10

At first glance I was skeptical. The packaging is very simple and from the first tester I squeezed onto my hand smelled DIVINE. Very unlike your usual fake tan. This is due to all the natural oils in the ingredients. Could it really smell this good and actually work?

I decided a patch test would be best. I wasn’t really feeling smothering it all over my body only to come up in hives. No way. I put a sample on my stomach and slept and to my surprise when I awoke it hadn’t been irritating at all! The patch I had tested looked light but definitely more bronzed than my other skin. Great! I decided to take the plunge. (Please note eczema in photo was there previously and not aggravated by the product.) I showered, exfoliated heavily and after creamed my body as usual. This is my first fake tan experience so I wasn’t sure if this would be beneficial or not… but it’s necessary as fellow eczema sufferers will know.

Before and After (Same lighting)

The application was smooth and creamy. Not at all stiff like I imagined. It glided over the skin, sat well and felt extremely moisturising. Afterwards it already looked like I had a glow and the tanning hadn’t even begun!

However, after a few more hours my skin did start to smell that familiar scent from other products I’ve sniffed… at least I knew it was getting to work. My family actually mentioned that I was looking more bronzed than usual. I still wanted to wait till the next morning to fully judge the results.

Now this product isn’t for those who want a deep deep tan. For me this is more on par with those gradual tan moisturisers which give a glow rather than that 2 weeks in Spain look (Although you could try building it up, they say to reapply after 4 days to maintain). This is perfect for me as I much much prefer subtly. Actually I felt like the self tan helped make the redness in my skin less noticeable (see pictures!) and it didn’t even streak.

The self tan is expensive at £17 for 200ml, although a little goes a long way. When I ordered it was discounted on Amazon for £14. Worth checking out! This is also quite a normal price for something organic. You get what you pay for.

Overall I was overjoyed to find a self tanner that didn’t irritate my skin and gave me a natural looking tan! I can finally live out my dream of looking beautifully bronzed this summer 😉

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