Chimichanga (West London) Restaurant Review ♥

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Chimichanga (West London) Restaurant Review ♥

I ADORE Mexican food. Seriously. It is my go to cuisine. Whether that’s making fajitas for my family (I make a mean Guac) or getting a takeaway burrito, it certainly tickles my fancy. That is why when a Mexican restaurant opened right near my home town I was extremely excited! It took me a while to get my butt there but when I did I wasn’t disappointed.

Chicken fajita wrap with Mexican rice.
When I came crashing into Chimichanga I was soaking wet and in need of some comfort. I’d just ran 20 minutes to get to the post office on time… in the rain. Literally droplets were dripping from my nose. Chimichanga did just that.

Wanting something quick I quickly decided on the Chicken Fajita wrap with Mexican Rice, telling the waitress “I already know what I want!” as I sat in one of their comfy leather booths. It wasn’t busy when I arrived, apart from a family and a man sitting by themselves, but we were eventually joined by a party of 8 so the vibe of the restaurant was very nice (helped by the Mexican music pumping!).

The wrap itself was juicy, juicy, juicy with jack cheese filling every gap made by the succulent chicken and beautifully cooked peppers and onions. I also liked the addition of the toasted wrap for extra crunch. The rice did need a little salt for me but otherwise was delicious and had a lovely kick. My only disappointment was that it didn’t come with a side of sour cream, however I promptly called the waiter over who dealt with my request bringing over a heaped little pot.

They even had free WiFi which is always a plus in my book!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the food, service and can’t wait to go back to try more. I even wanted to go back that night! And I think that’s the biggest compliment any restaurant can get. 🙂

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