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The One with the OPI Dupe ♥

I’m forever losing things. Nail polishes especially, partly due to their small size and ability to roll. They seem to roll their way into an abyss every time I buy a new one. I recently brought the OPI nail colour in ‘Are We There Yet?’. It’s such a pretty coral colour with a light sparkle to it, perfect for summer! As you know OPI nail polishes can be on the more expensive side (Here in the UK it’s RRP is £11 plus p&p), so when I lost it I was mortified. I looked everywhere but it seemed that it was lost forever, crying out to me from under a sofa cushion or the depths of my sister’s make up bag.

To my surprise I was at my local pharmacy only a few weeks later and what do I see? Almost the exact colour I had lost, just in another brands packaging! This was Rimmel’s ‘Instyle Coral’. My eye’s sparkled with curiosity as I picked up the product and inspected it with my best Inspector Gadget glare. It was almost the exact same colour! The only difference being that the Rimmel was more pink toned which I actually prefer.

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