The One with eBay ♥

//The One with eBay ♥

The One with eBay ♥

No specific post today as I’m having an eBay day. I’m taking photos of the new clothings i’m selling and writing up listings which seems to take forever. I’ll just leave you with a few items that I thrifted from the past week. Just goes to show what goodies you can get for a bargain in thirft stores and charity shops!

Oasis Studded Dress – Size 14

Topshop Petite Leather Jacket – Size 12

River Island Wing Sleeve Dress – Size 8

Topshop Petite Floral Dress – Size 8

Zara Strawberry Button Skirt – Size M

I also found this gorgeous pastel mint bag for £3 in my local community shop. I’m in love with it! It’s one of those bags you can just add to automatically spruce up any outfit. The bag doesn’t have a brand name but I’m not one for brands anyway. If you love it then it doesn’t matter right?

It’s about to get pretty busy these next few weeks so I may not be posting as regularly (not that past posts can have been regular as I’ve only just started this blog!) Hopefully in the next few days I’ll be putting up a review and swatches of the MUA palettes I used in my previous blog “The One that Started It All”, cause I forgot to do it before!

Do you visit thrift stores for a bargain? What goodies have you found?

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